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Project Canvas is a visual tool that improves communication in project teams and provides a simplified project overview.

Project Canvas

Where can Project Canvas be used?

Project Canvas is made by project facilitators and project management professionals, who seek to simplify the challenge of project communication – before, in and after project execution:

Project Overview Project Management Project Kickstart

Project Canvas gives users a common communication framework for all bodies involved in the project process. Thus, decreasing misunderstandings – and hereby wasted money and time – among everyone involved in the project.

How can Project Canvas be used?

Project canvas can be used in many different ways - and the best option depends on what you intend to use it for, and how your team works.
Project Canvas can be downloaded as a A0 poster - ready for print - but can also be used online via Google Sheets or the online Canvas - both with great colaboration options.

The people behind Project Canvas


Simon Stubben Thomas Simon Olesen
Nina Bonne Breum
Sune Liengård
Markus Glavind
Theodosios Kokotas
Christian Thuesen


Howard Wills
Yulia Tchernaya
Jesper Knoop-Henriksen


Cecilie Otzen, Sketchy Banana

Layout by:

Howard Wills

Project Canvas Illustration

We would like to thank:

Nynne Christiansen, Mette Fischer Thomsen and Anam Nabil for their contribution.


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