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We teach engineers how to DO projects

- Project Management at DTU

We teach engineers how to DO projects! We have courses for all types of students and on all levels. We have the Online Course for the curios engineer, and all the way to advanced Master courses and Phd. Projects. Take a look at your opportunities below here.



Online course

42429 / 42430


 Description Learn foundational tools for engaging in projects. The course is developed to every student that is interested and involved in projects. Engage critically with theories and practices to improve your understanding and practices of Project Management. Apply system-oriented problem solving methods to real life challenges on project, program and portfolio management in highly inter-disciplinary contexts.
 Why? Support engineers as project practitioners 

Educate reflective project practitioners

Develop change agents within management of projects, programs and portfolios
 Whom? Every student
Those with a special interest
 When? In the beginning of the study (BSc)

Half way through the study (BSc & MSc)
Every August and January

At the end of the study (MSc)
Every spring F3 (Tue 8-12, Fri 13-17)


  • ProjectCanvas
  • ConceptBox
  • Brightspace
  • Analysis of real-life project analysis of
  • Project games
  • Handbook
  • ConceptBox
  • Certification
  • Brightspace
  • Solving real-life challenges on MOP3
  • Work as consultants
  • Contributing to state-of-art Wiki on MOP3 -> ConceptBox
 Who? Christian Christian