3 Week course

Project Management

- The Three week Course

Engage critically with theories and practices to improve your understanding and practice of Project Management. 

Become reflective a project practitioner

Future Reflective Project Practitioners - welcome to "42429/42430 – Project Management", and thank you for your interest! 
Projects are integral to engineering work, and, we argue, the second most important skill of engineers. Therefore, project management competences are fundamental to all DTU students. The general purpose of the course is to enable you to participate in projects and critically and appropriately apply project management theories, concepts and tools in practice. You will have unique insights into how project management is practiced through the analysis of a "real" world project. You will also experience the role of project manager as each student will be responsible to manage at least one day of the group work, i.e. to be the ‘Project Manager of the Day’.

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Project Game Hall of Fame

In every course (in January and August) “we connect the dots” by a project game that challenge students to put theory into action by managing their own project. To win the game, the team must successfully plan a construction project, manage the resources, react to unexpected events - and manage the risks related to the team' decisions. In the final lecture we award the winners in the following categories:

  • The BEST Project Management 
  • The BEST Client experience     
  • The BEST Contractor experience
  • The BEST Fighters 

The winners of the previous courses are presented in the table below:

Winner of the ProjectGame: DataConversion (Aug 2019)

Winner: DataConversion

Winner: Searching for a New State of Matter

Winner: New state of matter

Winner of the ProjectGame: BARE Höge (Jan 2019)

Winner: BARE Höge

Winner of the ProjectGame: Mercury7 (Aug 2018)

Winner: Mercury7

Winner of the ProjectGame: Danfoss Freight Audit & Pay (Jan 2018)

Winner: Danfoss Freight, Audit & Pay

Course  The BEST Project Management   The BEST Client experience The BEST Contractor experience   The BEST Fighters
2022 Aug Anti drone through lasers (ANDROLIZ) BørneRiget - Monster Gartner
Kaktus Towers
Laser for fast 3D Imaging
2022 Jan New Scheduling System Coronapas App Bracing offshore wind farms for extreme conditions
Establishment and renovation of 7 train preheating stations
Water Works for Copenhagen
2021 Aug Simply QMS EV Danfoss
Biogas plant in Taiwan
Ramboll hear office
Lindholm dekom
Copenhill / Amager bakke
2021 Jan Smittestop Microman
BI for Healthcare
DTU study start during COVID-19
The Hålogaland Bridge
Donation project to Nicaragua
2020 Aug Searching for a New State of Matter Automated Greenfield Warehouse
CO-RO Food Silo Sugar
Camp Adventure Skovtårnet
The SprayDryers
2020 Jan Formula Student K.B. Hallen
Danish Headache Center
Top Danmark
Kalundborg Symbiose
AlfaLaval Green Energy
2019 Aug Data Conversion ERP implementation
Klejngaard Safety Ladder
Novo Nordisk Change Control
2019 Jan BARE Höge Electric ferry
Luftens Helte
Artificial turf
DR's Juleshow
2018 Aug Mercury 7 From Coal to Biomass Team Blue
Made in Space
Nicolai from the medTrace group
2018 Jan Danfoss - Freight Audit and Pay Radiometer Fredensborg Kommune - Screen Vision Ryesgade skole
2017 Aug Portland Tower   Building 409 at DTU
Lægernes pension IT system transition
2017 Spring Dr. Evil’s Lair
Wind (Group 4) 
2016 Spring WYPE 2   Rambøll - Waste Incineration Plant WindScanner