The Project Society

The Project Society

Essentials for Leaders of the Future

How does the project society shape our professional and private identity?

About the course

Projects have become intrinsic to our lives. They permeate what we do, how we speak, how we think of our daily activities, how we construct our identities and, ultimately, who we are. In this regard, we organize a portfolio of projects in our lives—from a family vacation to a career move—and in many respects, these projects and programs of projects profoundly shape our lives, not only in terms of their consequences but also in terms of how we live, act, and relate to others. Living and working in the project society comes with huge benefits but also significant downsides. It gives us the freedom to shape our own exciting identity but also the risk of ending up in stress and depression.

Parallel to the raise of the project society, Nordic leadership styles have emerged as particularly suited for the post-industrial knowledge society where success depends on the ability to innovate in an environment of high levels of ambiguity, flat organisational structures, multiple powerbases, complex stakeholder landscape, and collaboration across the value chain and networks often organized in Public Private Partnerships.

This module represent a life-changing experience where we explore strategies for how we live in the project society taking advantage of the opportunities and minimize the downsides. We develop the strategies using critical self-reflexivity and based on Nordic culture and management styles for being, doing leading and governing projects.

Intended Audience:

Project practitioners, project managers, project professionals