3 Week course

Project Management

- The Three week Course

Engage critically with theories and practices to improve your understanding and practice of Project Management. 

Become reflective a project practitioner

Future Reflective Project Practitioners - welcome to "42429/42430 – Project Management", and thank you for your interest! 
Projects are integral to engineering work, and, we argue, the second most important skill of engineers. Therefore, project management competences are fundamental to all DTU students. The general purpose of the course is to enable you to participate in projects and critically and appropriately apply project management theories, concepts and tools in practice. You will have unique insights into how project management is practiced through the analysis of a "real" world project. You will also experience the role of project manager as each student will be responsible to manage at least one day of the group work, i.e. to be the ‘Project Manager of the Day’.

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About the Hall of Fame

Every semester, the Project Management course is wrapped up with a project game, that challenges students to put theory into action, and manage their own project. To win the game, your team must successfully plan a construction project, manage your resourses, react to delays, uncertainties - and manage the risks related to the team' desicions. Evety semester we have a winner, who successfully managed to overcome the uncertaincies and manage their uncertainties - and generate a surplus.

Project Game Winner: January 2018

Danfoss - Freight Audit & Pay

Project Game Winner: August 2018

Team Mercury7