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About our ProjectLab

ProjectLab is a research group based in the Engineering Systems division of the Technical University in Denmark (DTU). We exist to support the development practices for managing projects to enable societal transformation.

Projects abound in contemporary society and have become a vital form of organizing deliberate change, from the development of new technologies to implementation of sustainability policies, and it is therefore reasonable to argue that we are in the wake of the Project Society.

Projects are particularly central to engineering. Engineering is about creating value for society and businesses by solving societal challenges through the development and implementation of technology. Engineering is a matter of change, a change that is organized in projects, one way or another. Arguably, project management is the second most important competence for engineers. Project management enables them to organize their technical capabilities in a team that collectively solves societal challenges. Most, if not all engineers, will be involved in projects throughout their education and career.

Our teaching ecosystem targets every students and practitioner that have a special interest in projects. Building our unique resources and innovative learning practices we help our students to successfully participate in any kind of project, becoming reflective projects practitioners and project changes agents. Our courses cover the field of Project Management, Program and Portfolio Management. Currently, this counts one 13-week course (Advanced Project, Program and Portfolio Management) and one 3-week course (Project Management) running twice a year, at DTU. Shortly, a new, online course on “How to DO Projects” will be launched, that will give the opportunity for DTU students to organize their projects more efficiently, by providing all the practical, elementary tools.

Our ProjectLab is developed and maintained by a 3-professor faculty staff, several PhDs and postdocs as well as student assistants sharing our passion for projects.


The People Behind

Christian Thuesen

Christian Thuesen, Assoc. Prof. (DTU)

Courses: Crash course, 42429, 42430 & 42433

Research interests: Projects as vehicle for societal change, including construction, sustainable development, humanitarian work, innovation, learning and digitalization

Joana Geraldi, Assoc. Prof. (CBS)

Courses: 42429 & 42430

 Research interests: Developing a fruitful context for project work, including project organizing, behavioural decision making, visualization, learning and cognition

Josef Oehmen, Assoc. Prof. (DTU)

Courses: 42433

 Research interests: Managing large-scale engineering projects and programs, particularly on the application of risk management and lean management techniques.

Verena Stingl

Verena Stingl, Post Doc (AAU)

Courses: 42429 & 42430

Research Interests: Managing uncertainty, risk, and disruptions in and through projects; Decision behavior in projects; Self-managed temporary organizations; Digitalization.

With help from our fabulous teaching assistants

Cecilie Møller Madsen (2020 Aug, 2021 Jan & Project Ecosystem)
Marlene Schmidt Pedersen (2020 Aug, 2021 Jan & Project Ecosystem)
Mohammad Nabil Ahmad (2021 Jan)
Tais Peter Christiansen (2021 Jan)
Irene Gomila Bertazioli (2021 Jan)
Shylendhar Gunasekaran (2021 Jan)
Prasad Jagtap (2021 Jan)
Neda Rastkhiz Paydar (2021 Jan)
Casper Rastgoie Veje (2021 Jan)
Wenjian Zhu (2021 Jan)
Aditya Surendran (2020 Aug & Project Ecosystem)
Márton Széll (2020 Aug & Project Ecosystem)
Frederik Seeberg (2020 Jan & Aug)
Phillip Aarestrup (2020 Jan & Aug)
Mie Cuhre Anker (2020 Aug)
Andre Mendes de Carvalho (2020 Aug)
Simon Koimaru Skaarup (2019 Aug & 2020 Jan)
Nikolaj Weinell (2019 Aug & 2020 Jan)
Lars Hinge (2019 Aug)
Anish Rao Lakkaraju (2019 Aug)
Markus Glavind (2018 Aug, 2019 Jan & Project ecosystem)
Theodosios Kokotas (2018 Aug, 2019 Jan & Project ecosystem)
Yassine Macine (2019 Jan & Aug)
Andreas Rønne Stokholm (2018 Aug & 2019 Jan)
Emil Nørregaard (2018 Aug) 
Tue Nørgaard Lindhart Thomsen (2018 Spring) 
Nicoline Hvidt (2018 Spring) 
Steffen Hansen (2018 Spring) 
Jeppe Sidenius (2017 Aug) 
Arnaldo Landivar Taborga (2017 Aug & 2018 Spring) 
Jonathan Emil Gundorph Jansen (2017 Aug) 
Amalie Pernille Rasmussen (2017 Aug & 2017 Spring) 
Anne Sloth Bidstrup (2017 Spring) 
Sarah Schultz Beeck (2018 Aug, 2018 Spring & 2017 Spring) 
Rasmus Nøddegaard Hansen (2017 Spring) 
Joachim Andersen (2017 Spring, 2016 Aug & 2016 Spring) 
Peter Egeskov Larsen (2016 Spring) 
Vibeke Hvidegaard Petersen (2016 Spring) 
Jonas Hammer (2016 Spring & 2015 Aug ): Developer of ProjectGame
Michelle Schrøder Sørensen (2015 Aug) 
Nathalie Lückstädt Nielsen (2015 Aug) 
Sarah Romane Bourdiaux Terp (2016 Aug, 2016 Spring & 2015 Aug ) 
Ebou Touray (2016 Spring & 2015 Spring) 
Rosa Elisabeth Lindqvist (2016 Spring & 2015 Spring): Handbook
Marc Dose (2016 Spring, Aug 2015 & 2015 Spring): Video editing
Kristine Maria Clemmensen-Rotne (2015 Spring & 2015 Autumn) 
Anders Systad (2015 Spring & 2014 Spring) 
Amalie Skytt Petersen (2015 Spring & 2014 Spring) 
Cecilie Krosby Lütken (2015 Spring & 2014 Spring): Handbook
Anna Maria Greve (2014 Spring & 2015 Autumn): Handbook
Cecilie Bonde Christiansen (2014 Spring) 
Christian Østerbye (2013 Spring) 
Lars Balstrup Jørgensen (2013 Spring) 
Annemette Bøgedal Jensen (2013 Spring) 
Morten Andersen (2013 Spring) 
Michael Vaisgaard Thorslund (2012 Spring) 
Søren Nygaard Pedersen (2013 Spring & 2012 Spring) 
Erik Runge Madsen (2012 Spring) 
Andreas Houmann (2012 Spring) 
Søren Højland Boesen (2014 Spring, 2013 Spring & 2012 Spring) 
Troels Kristian Ankjær (2012 Spring) 
Cecilia Fernandez: Handbook
Marina Cholakova: Handbook
Mette Louise Christensen (2015 Autumn) 
Amalie Kaysen (2014 Autumn) 
Jessica Linda Ruina (2016 Autumn) 
Evdoxia Pertsinidou (2017 Autumn) 
Hani Mike Rae Selim (2018, 2019 Spring) 
Raquel Aparício Guterres Valente (2019 Spring)